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Scuttlebutt schon ausprobiert?

Wie wie? Nun, so:

  • Install Patchwork.
  • Boot it up and set up your profile.
  • Go to the list of pub servers and get an invite code from one.
  • Click “+ Join Pub” in the top left corner of Patchwork and paste in the invite code.
  • Explore by browsing public posts and channels, expand into your extended network (Click on More > Extended Network).
  • Introduce yourself on the #new-people channel.
  • Follow people you find interesting. You will download content authored by everyone you follow, and everyone who they follow.
  • Have fun, and be respectful of others. The scuttleverse is a nice place.

(Quelle: Scuttlebutt Introduction)

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Heimische SSB Instanz wäre natürlich sehr naiss, da gebe ich Ihnen Recht.

Und via Libre Lounge: Joey Hess plaudert zum Thema.

Offline-first, nur anders: iOS Geräte bleiben noch aussen vor – die Spieler der Gegenmannschaft finden und folgen sich mit Manyverse.