Assault is cool only on TV

Assault is cool only on TV – Kherson was recaptured, Kharkiv was recaptured, but in fact it is a very hard work and an incredible number of lives lost.

This must be understood.

We have a goal – not just restore the border, but to destroy the Russian state as such that hinders the development of the entire civilized world. And it will alway hinder us. Always. As long as there is it is necessary for everyone in society to understand not only in Ukraine but in the world as a whole.

As long as Russia exists on the scale it does now, with those political elites, Ukraine will never ever feel safe. If we defeat Russia now and leave it in the state it is in, the war will start again in 10 years. That is why we never talk about peace.

We talk about our victory with the collapse of Russia. There is no other way.

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